carly33_939749349421420_4843208177687740121_nTitle: Carly

Author: D.M. Wolfenden

Series Number:

Publication Date: July 11, 2015

Genres: Horror

Where I received the book: I received this book as an ARC from DM Wolfenden.

Star rating: ★★★★☆

A summary:

Carly has been through a horrendous ordeal; her cousin has disappeared, and her family were murdered in front of her by a crazy neighbour.
She tells the police that James Andres had been stalking her, then he killed her family and kidnapped her and that she has killed him. However, she refuses to reveal where the body is.
Once in custody, Carly agrees to a meeting with a female reporter, Vanessa St John. Carly insists she tells the whole story in her words. She talks about the dog and the box, but where are the dog and box now?
Vanessa St John appears to have her own agenda as the tension builds in both of the women seated opposite each other.



Here’s the quick spoiler free version:

(unless character names are spoilers, which I don’t think they are)

I’m not really a short story type of person, but I really enjoyed this one. I read this based off the description, which sounded really interesting. This Carly manages to introduce all the characters it needs to in order to complete the story. There’s no blabbing on about something that’s not important to the story.

One of the main things I liked about this story was how it was written interview-style, between Vanessa and Carly. It was refreshing from all those other books I read. I loved the way the characters were introduced. I could connect well with Carly and Lisa, which was really nice. In her own way, Carly comes off quite badass-y. I also enjoyed Vanessa’s character arc. And the plot twists??? I mean come on! I like my con artist type shows, I should’ve seen that coming. I also adore the use of the flashbacks to get a feel on the characters and story without Carly’s narration.
Overall, I rate this story a 4/5 stars because I thought it was a fantastic read, but it didn’t move me. I didn’t connect to it on an emotional level. However, I was left wanting to read more.


Short stories aren’t really my type of read. I love novels. Novels with many, many sequels. I decided to read this based off the description, which I thought sounded highly interesting. I’m so glad I did. Generally, my problem with short stories is that there’s not enough time to introduce the characters and build a plot that I (as a reader) enjoy. I didn’t feel that with Carly. This short story was fantastic.

The first thing you notice when reading this story is the layout. It’s written in an interview format. It’s set as if Vanessa were interviewing Carly about a psychotic guy named James and murder. Personally, I’ve never read a book with this structure. I thought it was quite refreshing from all those other novels I’ve read.

I loved the way the characters were introduced. There was no dwelling on minor things that weren’t important to the storyline (although I do like knowing these minor things as it helps to connect me with the characters). I felt this really nice bond between myself and Carly. Like, I want to meet her in real life and hang out or something. She seems like a really cool girl. She comes off kinda badass-y too, which is always a big plus.

The way that Vanessa was introduced to the story was fantastic. I genuinely liked her. I thought she was nice, and quite caring of Carly. Her character arc was well written, even though you don’t find out anything about her or her past until the end. She’s so damn cunning and deceitful. I love it. ANDD the way that Carly was playing her through the entire interview??? I watch a lot of TV shows with thieves and con artists, and even I didn’t know what Carly was up to. I had minor suspicions about Vanessa as soon as “Nessie” was mentioned and “Vanessa’s face paled”, but before that I didn’t suspect a thing. I’m still hung up on the fact that Carly outwitted Vanessa and did it so effortlessly.

One of my favourite things about this short story, is the use of flashbacks. The flashbacks were a great way to introduce characters outside of Carly’s narration, which helped to have my own look upon them rather than Carly’s one. They showed how normal Carly was as a girl with her family. She loved her family. I wish there was a flashback for the time when she was kidnapped by James, rather than just narration. I do like the narration, but I feel like a flashback scene here would have brought it down to a new horrifying level.

Overall, I rate this story a 4/5 stars because I thought it was a fantastic read, but it didn’t move me. I didn’t connect to it on an emotional level. However, I was left wanting to read more. Or if Carly was bulked out into a full length novel, I definitely wouldn’t complain. I’d probably pre-order it now.

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