So, for me, it’s currently Saturday (like 2 minutes past midnight oops). PS. This post contains spoilers from Throne of Glass (up to Heir of Fire).

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Favourite Fictional Princess | Friday, July 10, 2015

“Fictional princess” was never specified as to Disney princess or other. So I’m doing other. I’m not a fan of Disney princesses. If I had to choose, it’d be Pocahontas – I don’t know why but those were my favourite Disney movies when I was younger. Otherwise I liked the Little Mermaid because mermaids are cool. Elsa is pretty rad too.

But for this one, my favourite fictional princess hands down is Celaena Sardothien or Aelin Galathynius. For the rest of this post, I’ll refer to her as Aelin.

Aelin is my favourite princess because she’s so badass???

That’s not all though, don’t worry.

9ea3c04cced0e1f0b37ef85b58ac8b67Aelin is a strong female character in the book series Throne Of Glass (which I reviewed here). Over the series, we learn a lot about Aelin – her past, her family, and her struggles. I think most people know that Throne Of Glass was based on the idea that Sarah J. Maas got from Cinderella (the what if Cinderella were an assassin and was sent to kill the prince). Aelin is the Princess of Terrasen, heir to the throne. I haven’t finished Heir of Fire, so I’m not sure if she’s considered Queen yet or not.

Of all the things about Aelin, my favourite is her strugges (not in the sadistic sense, that would be weird). I like how she had her parents killed; she underwent brutal training with Arobynn; hell, she was a slave in Endovier for a year! She’s been betrayed by friends and lovers. She proceed to get beaten by Rowan when she was learning to use her powers; she took on the valg for gods sake. She deserves princess of the year or something. Like, there are other good princesses out there, but Aelin went through more horrors (in my opinion) than those such as Cinderella, and she still managed to come back, get up, and fight on. There’s a scene in Heir of Fire where you think (she thinks???) she’s going to die, and she still manages to come ’round and screw everyone up. She’s the badassist princess ever. Well, I mean there are probably others.

Aelin is my favourite because she teaches others to get up and carry on with life and not wimp and cry and require a prince to save you. Aelin teaches girls (and guys, I guess) to fight for themselves. Rowan was a complete dick to her at the beginning of Heir of Fire, but she trained and trained until she proved him wrong about her. She is one hell of a strong princess, and one day a mighty, brave Queen.

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