In case you didn’t know, it’s Camp Nanowrimo this month. I would’ve done this on Friday, but I’ve been so busy writing that I forgot to update my blog! (And my co-worker is really sick so I had to cover his shifts for him)

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Favourite Fictional Consecutive Series Covers | Friday, July 17, 2015

Although it’s currently Sunday 19.

My favourite series covers of all time are:


The Throne of Glass series! I love how these covers make Celaena looks so badass. I love the coloring on these covers and the weapons. One thing I love about these book covers, is the backs of them – the same pose, but wearing a dress rather than the clothing on the front.


I mean just look at these covers! They’re so cool and creative. More unique than other series’ covers, that’s for sure.


This series (Gallagher Girls is the series name, I think. Or it’s Gallagher Academy.) has so many different covers. But out of all of them, these are my favourite. I wanted to buy this series in hardcover, but these particular covers only come in paperback (from the large amount of research I did.) I think these covers are pretty minimalist compared to the other 3 variations I’ve seen; these are cleaner and neater looking. The 2 of the other covers, in my opinion, look really childish.

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