Title: Demon Princess28261850

Author: Kassandra Lynn

Series Number: 1

Publication Date: December 21, 2015

Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, YA

Where I received the book: I received this free eARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

Star rating:★

Summary: With her father gone and her brother missing, Demon Princess Adriana has to assume the throne, temporarily becoming the Demon King. The procession is underway, and the princess is nervous yet determined … until the unthinkable happens and she is summoned! Somehow, Aldric, a mage-in-training has summoned the princess into the human kingdom. Now trapped, Adriana must hide her identity and escape before she loses her life in the hands of her mortal enemies.



I want to have a proud moment: this is the first book I’ve finished in one day! (I mean, it’s really sad that I can only read a really short book in one day sigh).

This book was fantastic. It was such a quick read (and not just because it’s short!), I couldn’t stop putting it down! There wasn’t a single boring bit. I’m kinda annoyed that it’s so short, but then I’m also really happy that what could’ve been a long ass boring book was cut down to the brief important stuff. Amazing.

A bit problem I had with this book is that it’s set over a couple of months, but it feels like days. Originally I thought the insta love was a problem, then I realised it’s set over a longer length of time. I think this is because of the shortness of the book, we don’t get enough time to connect and react properly.

There was also a lack of world building. I’m not gonna lie, I thought (for some ridiculous reason) that when Adriana gets summoned, that she comes through to present day. But this isn’t the case. I was lost for a while as to how the setting is. (not knowing it’s a fantasy) I went with medieval type because of the demons and magic, but the horse and carriage thing makes me think it’s set a little later.

Okay okay okay so Adriana is this amazingly cool character. I wasn’t sure what to think of her at first, but when you finally get to see what she’s like, she’s intelligent and cunning. But she’s also extremely patient. So many YA protagonists lack this. Adriana will stop to watch what’s going on around her instead before making a decision on what to do. She’s also really easy to connect with and I felt for her when Aldric was such a doofus and a wanker. You know a good book when you want to defend a character and physically fight someone who isn’t even real.

I also really like how she’s only wanting the throne to keep other prick’s away. She’s keeping it for her brother or her father. I love this. So many protagonists/villains want it for themselves, and the power and wealth it represents, but Adriana has no interest.

I really loved Keldrin but I don’t know what to say about him, so I’ll leave this short paragraph confessing my love.

And Aldric’s a dick.

I kinda really wanted to learn more about Xander. He’s part of the trio, but we don’t know anything about him. I’m wondering if this is something that’ll come into play in later books? Because he’s one of the trio, he can use the fact that Adriana doesn’t know anything.

And this last little point, I wish to say thANK GOD THIS BOOK FOLLOWS A DEMON! The protagonist is the stereotypical bad guy rather than a “hero”. I mean, Adriana has a lot of potential to be a hero, but she’s perceived as a bad chick. I like how this book is different from other YA/fantasy books I’ve read.

A+ book right here, y’all better be going off to read it right now. I’m gonna read Demon King, the sequel, because I can’t get enough.

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