well, i wasn’t tagged but a running commentary suggested i do it, and i thought why not?


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1. i didn’t start reading until i was fourteen or something idk, it in high school and it was the hunger games. i’d read the mortal instruments before but it didn’t make me want to read other books y’know? i’d also started percy jackson but i wouldn’t call myself a bookworm yet. it wasn’t until the hunger games, where i followed it with divergent (and i hated insurgent so much, but that didn’t come out for a while after). idk what i read after divergent, but it started this whole bookish thing.

2. i only read dystopias for the most part of my reading years (with the occasional urban fantasy)

3. throne of glass got me into ya fantasy because i didn’t know it was a thing.

4. i can’t stand the throne of glass series anymore. who tf is aelin and why did she ruin the series? rip celaena, she will be missed.

5. i love listening to music when i read. my favourite is tchaikovsky and search on youtube “hours of epic fantasy music” and pick any varying from 3 to 6 hours.

6. i have to turn  my wifi off when reading because i’m easily distracted.

7. i hate romance with a passion. i hate romance genres, i hate the bloody romantic subplot that seems to take over every single bloody book i read. i didn’t mind percy/annabeth, because it was left until the last minute and was barely hinted at. otherwise i wish romance didn’t exist.

8. i love platonic relationships, why can’t people stay friends?

9. why can’t girls be friends with each other without it becoming this big bitchfest?

10. i can’t read without a cup of tea. or five.

11. i love to read at night but i’m to tired that i usually fall asleep??? i hate it.

12. i prefer hardbacks to paperbacks because i know i’m not going to bend the spine/cover.

13. i prefer physical books to ebooks, but i like how i can easily pull out my phone in public (waiting for buses, standing in line, etc) and read a couple of paragraphs (not pages because i’m really slow)

14. i didn’t read harry potter when i was young

15. i hate the harry potter movies, but i’m currently enjoying the books.

16. i love to write. is that a bookish fact? i’ve written so many first drafts but i find editing boring so i leave it there (and i keep coming up with new ideas)

17. i want to like historical fiction but i can’t because it’s usually extremely sexist and how can i put myself through that?

18. adding to the sexist-ness thing, why does fantasy have cool ass dragons and shit but lacks in the gender department? whether it’s sexist or just hardly (usually one or two) female characters?? basically, i hate boring sexist fantasy and historical books.

19. did you know i bought the game of thrones books after watching the show but still haven’t read them???

20. we. need. more. diverse. books. need i say more?

21. review writing is so much fun, even if hardly anyone reads them. i especially love writing negative reviews (although i’ll always find something positive to throw in there)

22. i barely ever do tags and memes and stuff because so many of them are picture based and i like to actually write things.

23. i never know if i should read the books first or watch the show (game of thrones, outlander, the shannara chronicles etc) because what if i don’t like the book??? they’re massive and it’s going to take me five years to read them all.

24. oh, and i’m an extremely slow reader in case you didn’t know

25. i’m running out of facts sigh. i used to read a lot of fanfictions and wattpad/fictionpress but now i don’t because they don’t count towards my reading goal on goodreads (do i sound dumb saying this)

i’m not going to tag anyone but if you want to do this, then feel free!

also, sorry for the lack of pretty pictures, i’m at uni and can’t really take any.

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