second update post in less than a month?? how dare i!

hey, so i’ve been thinking of changing my blog name for a while now, and guess what?? i finally did it!


i’m now betweenthepages.co! i’m so happy to finally have a bookish name/url, even though i did like my old. i’ve kept my old url so it’ll continue to redirect to this blog if anyone forgets (which i doubt because no one reads my blog, cry)

anyway, i’m more than excited for this new url, hopefully new readers as i’ll post more (i’m so slack, i’m sorry).

and i’m finally reading again! i’d stopped for a but because every book i tried to read i hated! i’m reading dreamology by lucy keating and i’m absolutely enjoying it! (which is weird because it’s a contemporary, and this is the first one i’ve ever read/liked, although i think it has some /urban/ fantasy elements).

also, i’m going to try  this month, the book is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe! read more diverse books guys.


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