so i saw this tag on twirling pages (here) and decided to try it out! i wasn’t tagged and i don’t intend on tagging anyone. just a fun little something to do. and i’m sorry if you disagree with some of my answers, seeing as it’s “unpopular opinions” for a reason …

popular book/series you didn’t like


passenger- if you’ve read my review, you’d know why. but basically, it’s REALLY boring for the first half then the second half is a rushed love story. i liked the ideas/concepts but this book was a huge let down to me. i picked it up because of the time travel not the ott romance.

a book series everyone hates but you love



red queen- i honestly don’t know what i like about this book, i just do. some parts reminded me of other books (such as the hunger games), but that’s what you get for such a restricting genre, i guess.

vampire academy- okay, so i know this book is quite popular, but there are loads of people who hate it. and by loads i mean i’ve met more people who hate it than like.

a love triangle where the main character ends up with the person you didn’t want them to end up with


is this one not obvious enough?

throne of glass- rowaelin. i’m sorry but i don’t support the positive representation of domestic abuse that is rowaelin.

a popular book genre you rarely reach for

i have no picture for this one because i don’t read these sorts of books, but: contemporary / romance. i find them boring and very hard to get into. i can never like the main character nor ship the main ship. theres something about these books that throws me off.

popular beloved character you didn’t like



aelin. don’t get me wrong about this, okay. i absolutely love and adore celaena, but aelin is such a self obsessed bitch who thinks she knows everything, i honestly can’t stand her. her character development is so bad, i don’t think i’ve seen one like this ugh.

then there’s tris. almost as bad as aelin. tris became so whiney and way too reliant on four, it was unlike her. i dont think anyone else shares my opinions on her??

a popular author you can’t seem to get into

i’d say anything contemporary. i can usually read most authors stuff with no problem.

popular trope you are tired of seeing

love triangles? insta love? the ‘oh i can’t do anything without a man to save me’ types of female protagonists. i can rant all day about these and many more.

popular series you have no interest in reading

FILE- This file combo made of book cover images provided by Vintage Books shows the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy by best-selling author E L James. The heat is on: Sales for E.L. James' "Fifty Shades" trilogy are at 10 million and counting, making it among the fastest-selling series of all time. The explicit sensation has topped charts practically from the moment Vintage Books released it in early April. Reprints have exceeded 900,000 copies in a single day, the publisher announced Tuesday. Totals sales include paperbacks, e-books and audio books. Vintage is a paperback imprint of Random House Inc. (AP Photo/Vintage Books, File)

as if you weren’t expecting to see these here. i feel like this is pretty self explanatory especially because i don’t read romance in the first place.

the book isn’t always better than the movie


and no one’s going to deny it. this also includes the hobbit. there was so much singing in the hobbit books, i got confused. the books are so hard to get into and there’s no way i can connect to characters like those. but the movies are fab (if a little drawn out.)


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  • OH MY GOSH. Yes to all of these! I wasn’t a huge fan of Passenger either (loved the concept, but the writing was too wordy for my tastes) and I’m not much of a fan of Tris either. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous choices! <3

    • Passanger really isn’t want I’d call a fast paced book, that’s for sure! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t like Tris. Thanks for dropping by!

  • I loved Red Queen too Chelsea! I know it was a bit of a mishmash of other popular dystopians but it just clicked and I loved it! I had so many issues with Passenger too and couldn’t agree more. Which is a shame because I loved her Darkest Minds series. It was just so uneventful sadly. Great tag Chelsea, really enjoyed it! <3

    • Some of the mishmash threw me off, but at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed it! I haven’t read the Darkest Minds series! I started the first book and liked it but I didn’t have time to actually read it so I stopped so I could wait for a better time to do this! Thanks for commenting!

  • I love unpopular opinions so much. And I’m so with you on not being into contemporary books. I just can’t get into reading a bunch of stories that all seem to be romances with slight differences. Though surprisingly, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Passenger was boring, more of those than good reviews actually haha, so maybe it’s not as unpopular of an opinion?

    • maybe. i’ve only heard people praising it- but i think that’s because of the author rather than the actual book itself.

  • I love reading unpopular opinions! I definitely agree with The Passenger, I was reading it last January and guess what I didn’t finish it. Don’t judge but I have read the Fifty Shades trilogy 3 years ago, fell in love with the love story excluding the bdsm aspect 😁

    • hardly anyone seems to say negative things on passenger and i’m not sure if that’s because of who the author is :/ . i won’t read fsog mostly because i don’t like romance in general. contemporaries are hard for me to read, romance would be even harder. thanks for stopping by!! 😀

  • I actually completely agree with you on Tris. In Insurgent, Tris and Four start bickering like they’re middle schoolers, and Tris becomes totally dependent on him. I couldn’t handle it.

    • i’m so glad i’m not the only one!! it was really annoying for me and no doubt teaches girls that they need a man to be strong