Title: The Head of Medusa28176867

Author: Michelle Madow

Series Number: 3

Publication Date: June 29, 2016

Genres: Romance, urban fantasy, YA.

Where I received the book: I received this book in exchange for an honest review through the author.

Star rating:★

Summary: When Nicole Cassidy moved to a new town, she discovered that she was a witch descended from gods. But that was nothing compared to learning that it was up to her and four others with mysterious elemental powers to help save the world from the Titans, who would soon return to Earth.

Now her relationship with Blake — the fire Elemental — is finally heating up. But she must remain focused, because Typhon, one of the deadliest creatures in history, has escaped from the weakening prison world. Only one object can destroy him — the head of Medusa herself.



i’ll admit, i wasn’t too thrilled with the previous book in this series, although i’ve been holding out that maybe it’ll get better. so far, it hasn’t. the mythology is the (only) highlight to this book. well, they’re short so i guess there’s that too.

while reading the head of medusa, it honestly felt that there was more romance than actual storyline. i skipped so much of it due to pointless gossiping and love advice. if i wanted this bs, i’d read a romance. “fans of percy jackson will love”, fans of percy jackson WILL NOT love this book. at least uncle rick manages to keep the romance to a minimum and lets the actual plot grow.

i found nicole just as annoying as in the previous books, if not more so. she’s the only one who can do this. the only one who can do that. i’m sick of young adult books and their mary sue’s. you’re teaching young readers that you have to be perfect in order to succeed. it’s really frustrating.

worse than nicole was blake. i used to like him, now i can’t stand him. he’s unrelatable and annoying. plus he’s overprotective and controlling, which is a big no no in many people’s books – in particular, mine. even chris was becoming annoying towards the end.

should i point out how predictable ethan was? seriously, i guessed he’s whole arc within this story from the moment he walked in. i wish the characters were a little more complex, but unfortunately they aren’t.

the only characters that i’ve continued to like throughout the series is danielle and kate. although kate’s petty romance was annoying af (again, i’m here for the cool mythology not stupid high school drama). i’m a little bummed with how it ended /no spoilers/

on a good note, i absolutely loved the mythology! i wish there was more, however. the book did lead on as if it were going to complete the mission thing, but it didn’t which made it feel like this book was a filler rather than anything useful. plus, the book is a really quick read (particularly if you’re skipping most of it/the romance!). i rated it 3 stars, but it was probably closer to 2.5 or even 2.


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