so i’ve decided to blog more about tv shows, because i watch a lot of crap and i just want to talk about it as much as i do books. today, i’ve compiled a list of 20 favourite female characters – ten from books, and ten from tv shows. the lists aren’t in any particular order! and i’ve only picked one person from each thing, otherwise this list would be unending.

i also want to quickly say that i’m currently watching nikita and y’all should watch it, idk why i didn’t see it sooner. badass women right there. plus the incredible friendship between the two. i’ll probably write a review so i’ll leave that there.





1. annabeth chase

annabeth is so damn smart and brave, i’d be surprised if anyone didn’t like her.



2. alina starkov

i don’t really have a lot to say about alina, i can barely remember the books, but i loved her character – especially her development throughout the series!



3. grace blakey

the first and only thing i want to point out is grace’s ptsd from her past and how brave she is to continue what she’s doing. not many books focus on mental illness like this one.



4. all the gallagher girls

they’re all my fav’s, how can i not mention them all. they’re smart, kickass spies. and not all kickass in the literal sense.



5. vhalla yarl

idk what to say about her. she’s so brave, doing some incredible things.


Vampire_Academy (1)

6. rose hathaway

rose is one of my fav fictional characters of all times. she’s so inspirational.



7. isabelle lightwood

a female who’s comfortable with her body and can slay any demon? sign me tf up.



8. katniss everdeen

katniss is my first hero, ngl. i love her so much, especially in mockingjay and you see her struggling with ptsd over everything that’s happened, and how courageously she handles the events/deaths.



9. six

six, six, six. my beloved six. can more people read these books??? (i am number four)



10. mare barrow

well, i liked some things about her, and disliked others. mostly, she’s brave and it’s inspiring.



1. nikita & alex – nikita

i’m only on episode 5, but these two are both badass and whatnot, but i also love their relationship. they’ve become like sisters. they don’t bitch and fight like most girls on tv/in books do.



2. octavia blake – the 100

well, well. my fav octavia. of course she made the list. not a fan of her in the books, but in the show she’s truly incredible. i adore her development, she’s come so far. of course i disagree with some things that she’s done (such as abusing her brother, etc,etc)



3. mary stuart – reign

she’s my queen, literally. brave af, not to mention how cunning she is and somewhat deceitful



4. lagertha – vikings

a beautiful woman, but she can totally kick your ass. i mean, some dude tried to strip her as a display for his friends and she stabbed him in the eye. fun times.



5. rose tyler – doctor who

look how cute and happy she is. a puppy. so much joy. forget the season finale.



6. peggy carter – agent carter

k but she’s so inspiring as a woman.



7. parker – leverage

i don’t think she’s quite sane, but i love and adore her. i especially like her character development – and it takes her 5 seasons to learn what love is.



8. stahma tarr – defiance

she’s not the best character, morally, but in season 2 she’s become quite the powerful woman. her husband is a sexist dick, and she’s coming to learn what she’s capable of. (yo she’s so white because she’s an alien but y’all should watch it. there’s more than one alien race btw, and they all have their own languages!)



9. abbie mills – sleepy hollow

/spoiler/ aside from the fact that she died to save everyone,,,

she’s so brave and selfless, i wish there were more women like her on screen.



10. amberle elessedil

it’s been so long since i watched this show but i like her and i’m not sure why. we can say she’s badass because if you look through the list, there seems to be a trend …..

Thank you for reading my list!  Do you have any fav characters? Books or tv shows, who do you like?


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