this book meme is hosted by Taking on a World of Words. this post just answers the 3 questions below. i think it’s quite neat and keeps readers up to date weekly, rather than the usual monthly updates. if you’ve done this post, feel free to link it in the comments!!

What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?

currently readinga_court_of_mist_and_fury_-_uk_cover

a court of mist and fury – this book is honestly taking me so long. it doesn’t help that i’ve had uni, then exams. it’s really hard to get back into after not reading for a certain amount of time, which i find really annoying as i don’t get this with other series/authors. by the looks of it, both books in this series have put me into a reading slump. i still can’t connect to feyre. and i’m not a fan of mr sand because of his actions in a court of thorns and roses. i know he’s a good guy and all … but i can’t. so far, i’m loving these new characters!! mor is my fav.

ink mage – i got an eARC copy of this a while ago but i never read it (i’m a mood reader). finally, i’ve started it and it’s really good so far. it’s easy to read. i haven’t met many of the characters however, but i’m sure i’ll enjoy them just as much.

recently finished reading{70CA7BE5-E10B-4CC1-BB5C-181267CAB299}Img400

every heart a doorway – i’ve both enjoyed and disliked this book. i decided to dnf this somewhere around 50%. i won’t review it now, but i’ll be posting one soon! to sum it up: the story was very interesting, i liked the whole “door” thing, and i wish that was covered more. i didn’t like the characters as much. they felt hard to connect with (not to mention, i thought they were primary schoolers [younger than 10] for over half of the book ….. ). and the writing style really caused the book to drag.

never never part 1 – well technically i finished this one last week. i really enjoyed the book considering i don’t normally read nor like contemporaries. (i’m trying to read more though). i loved the mystery. that’s about all i liked about it. the ending was intense af, and i’d like to read part 2 sometime soon so i can find out more about what’s going on. ngl, i thought they’d switched bodies when i first started it. however, if you’re looking for a quick read, i definitely recommend it!

reading next13366212

the selection – okay, so i’ve been meaning to read this series for so long! i just kept putting it off as there were always better books to read. i’m currently trying to read as many short books as i can because of this stupid reading slump (and short books are all i seem to have patience for atm). i’ve heard both good and bad things about this book, but the only thing that seems a problem is the love triangle. i’ll try get past the rest of it all.

spy society – idk if i’ll actually get around to reading this, but i hope i do. i bought it a few weeks back, and it’s a nice short read. i haven’t heard much about it, but i love ya/mg spy books.


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