this post is inspired by the may 24 top ten tuesday meme: ten books i feel differently about after time has passed, by the broke and bookish. i realise it’s way passed the date to do it, but i thought it’d be nice to discuss some books that time has had an affect on.



i like it more than when i originally read the book. i’m not sure if this is related to the movies and that i loved the adaptations (it’s highly probable). however i plan on rereading them at some point so i guess i’ll find out then.


gallagher girls

when i first read the gallagher girls books, i quite enjoyed them. i thought they were really fun to read and the characters were relatable. now, i love this series so much. whenever someone asks for books to read, i always rec this series. i think i make it out to be better than it is, but how can you go wrong with female spies???



sigh, i remember when i read this book. god, i hated it! i nearly dnf’d it, except i had anĀ arc from such a popular author, so i kept with it. i kept hoping it would get better but it never did. now when i look back on it, all i can remember is this horribly boring book that i forced myself to read. this horrible book that’s getting these amazing reviews, even though it doesn’t deserve it.


crown of midnight

when i first read this book, i thought it was amazing. it was so well written blah blah blah. looking back now, i couldn’t care less about this book. i’m 99% sure it’s because of the other books in the series that have made me dislikeĀ this book more. throne of glass remains one of my favourite books ever written, too bad the rest of the series is shit.


the mortal instruments

these books were phenomenal when i first read them. in saying that, i was thirteen or something. now, we’ve had 2 pretty shit adaptations of it and of course that’s affected how i feel about the books. and i couldn’t get into tid, i think that might influence how i feel about tmi but i could be wrong.



i loved divergent. i still love it now. insurgent, however, sucked ass. it was so bad that i never read allegiant. in saying that, i’ve actually forgotten why i hate it, so i don’t hate it as passionately as i did before. i mean, i still dislike it, but not as much as i used to.


demon king

when i first quite liked these books but as the series gets worse, my views do too. the first book is still probably my fav, but i’d rate it a lot less now than i did when i first read it.


the heroes of olympus

I CAN’T STAND THIS SERIES, WHY DID RICK EVER WRITE IT????? i mean this in the politest way possible. i used to somewhat like these books. now, i don’t even want to look at them. i can’t stand any of the new characters, they’re so annoying. i think this is because i keep picking up mark of athena and hoping that i can finish it. i usually make it ten pages further then stop and leave it for a few months. it’s painful.

Shatter me new eye co#1A459

shatter me

when i read this book (/this series), i loved it. i liked the unique way that it was written, i liked the way mafi expressed juliette’s thoughts and emotions so simply. i’ve recently come to dislike this book a little bit now. i think this is because of the recent shit this series has gotten. (mostly because it’s true). i still like this book, but not as much as when i was reading it. idk if i’ll read the final book.


all fall down

when i read this book, i couldn’t trust some of the characters, there were some boring bits etc etc. when i look back at this book now, i really quite like it. i love how the protagonist has ptsd over her traumatic past. i like how her mental illness plays a significant part to the plot. when i first read this, i thought it was kinda annoying and i couldn’t connect with grace. but now i really do appreciate ally carter’s writing.

if you agree with any of this, feel free to comment about it! if you have your own thoughts and opinions, my comments are always open! i love hearing what other people think!


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