so top ten tuesday is a fun thing that i participate in every so often. it’s hosted by the broke and bookish. i’m sure most people know what this meme is by now, and if not the link tagged. this week’s theme is: ten books set outside the US


1. harry potter – the uk


2. gifted thief – scotland


3. all fall down – adria, a fictional country set in europe


4. outlander – scotland


5. daughter of smoke and bone – czech republic (although i haven’t read these books yet, i definitely want to)


6. shadow and bone – fantasy based russia


7. cinder – china (sorry i don’t like the usa cover)


8. sherlock holmes – the uk


9. clockwork angel – the uk


10. phoenix rising – the uk

i haven’t read some of these, and it was so hard coming up with books that aren’t set in america! i didn’t realise i read so many american based book! can you think of any that i’ve missed off this list? feel free to comment them below! i’d be happy to check them out.


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  • I reaaaally, really need to finally read Daughter of Smoke and Bone. I keep seeing it everywhere and it feels like people have only said good things about it! Knowing that it’s set in Prague makes me want to pick it up all the more. <3

    I did my list on books set in Australia – it was pretty easy to just list LoveOzYA titles, I felt like I cheated a bit. 😛

    • i have yet to read the daughter of smoke and bone, but i agree — knowing it’s set somewhere i haven’t read about before makes me want to pick it up asap! i’m hoping to do so over christmas/summer.
      thanks for your list!! i’ll check it out now. i really want to read more aus/nz books.

  • I think Daughter of Smoke and Bone is interesting enough to read already because it’s set in Prague and it’s a place I haven’t read a lot about.

    Meanwhile, I hope you have read The Infernal Devices.The author (Cassie Clare) also researched on many of the places she used in the series so it’s like seeing a lot of London’s old times too. 🙂

    • i tried tid a few years back and really didn’t like it, but i want to try it again because people keep talking so highly of it. thanks for stopping by! 🙂