you can check out the original post at Aentee’s blog. i was tagged to do this after i’d already decided to do it. i don’t really play the game very much, but i like pokemon so i thought i should do it. plus, it’s a fun tag. i’m tagging jess, but if anyone else wants to do it, you’re free to do so.


this one’s very obviously the hunger games, the first book (series) that i read which made me seek out more. and also divergent (only book one, unfortunately it’s a standalone …) made me realise that there was a trend here and quite possibly a genre. (thank you, young adult!!!) i think i started reading around 2010 0r 2011. i still have a lot of books to catch up on!


i don’t read a lot of classics, but i do love the sherlock holmes books, and i guess they’re classic enough. ooh, and both hans christian andersen & the grimm brothers fairytales.


i can’t really think of one, but i recently read and i darken and i found that too much politics/information to learn that i lost interest very easily and often had to pick up another book just to have a break.


i’m not sure about tropes, but red queen was like a rip off of all my fav dystopian novels. it had all the good parts of them all. although in having these parts, i couldn’t stop thinking of the novel that originally had them and it really did impact my reading experience. (however i still really love it).


i’ve owned game of thrones/a song of ice and fire since november last year and i haven’t touched them (unless it was to admire or take photos of them). i really want to read them, but they’re so daMN BIG!! this is also outlander, however i recently started them due to the amazing season finale of season 2 and i wanted to know what happens next. (i think the show will end/have been cancelled by the time i even finish the first book!! they’re HUGE).


i honestly can’t think of a book that’s kept me up all night. when i’m tired, i stop reading, no matter how good it is. i’m going to say the hidden oracle (rick riordan) though, because i thought it was absolutely amazing and it’s definitely worth an all nighter.

pokemon-tag07-nidokingqueenpercabeth. that is all.


the entire percy jackson series is a fast paced read! but i also think the gallagher girls, by ally carter, are amazingly quick.


not sure how many times i’ve mentioned these but anything rick riordan writes, i’ll buy. in saying that, i thought his heroes of olympus series was crap, but i’ve loved every other book/series by him. plus, there’s so much that could happen in this world – there’s so many characters and variations that he could go on forever. i’m a little tired of seeing percy pop up in literally every single book though. like, yes, i love percy but you gotta give him a break and let your other characters stand in the light for once.


i would like to take this time to mention how lovely the throne of glass duology is. throne of glass was such a great book to me and it changed the way i read (as in now i read more fantasy, whereas before i didn’t). unfortunately, it ends after crown of midnight.


illuminae ….? i own it but i have yet to read it. oh, and game of thrones! i was really excited to read the winner’s trilogy, but after how much i disliked TWCurse, i won’t be continuing. (sad face)


i’m not really interested in collector’s editions because they’re so expensive and they usually don’t seem that great anyway.


i’m very excited for stalking jack the ripper by kerri maniscalco and caraval by stephanie garber! i actually have a list of debuts and new releases that i’m really excited for!


UNCLE RICK (bet you didn’t see that coming!). but also ally carter as i own most of her books and have no regrets. i would have more, but i gotta keep an eye on the buying as my bank disagrees.


like, all of them????? at this present moment in time, i’m so excited for the next apollo book by riordan. the first one was phenomenal and i NEED more. to list a few: roseblood by a g howard; carve the mark by veronica roth; and frost blood by elly blake.

well, i’ve already said i tag jess, but you’re all welcome to do it. if you’ve completed the tag, feel free to comment it below and i’ll check it out!!

i’ve seen quite a few people end with what team they’re in, and i haven’t yet reached the point in the game where i have to pick one. what do you guys recommend? / what’s your favourite team? and what team are you in?


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