so top ten tuesday is a fun thing that i participate in every so often. it’s hosted by the broke and bookish. i’m sure most people know what this meme is by now, and if not the link tagged. this week’s theme is: top ten favourite tv shows!


(i put them in alphabetical order so no one will know which is n1)


eureka – science and explosions and stuff. a+ for cheesy tv.


doctor who – only s1 – 4 though. the rest is boring. also, never skip nine, he’s sassy af.


fringe – if you love science, you will love this show. ps, they take the fiction side very seriously.


leverage – a show about con artists and theives? sign me tf up.


robin hood – i rewatch this show at least 2 times a year. every time i watch it, i find something new to love about it. atm, guy is my fav because of his amazing character development and redemption arc.


sanctuary – they provide a safe place for creatures/”monsters”, which i absolutely love.


sleepy hollow s1 – i say only season 1 because they sidelined abbie in season 2 and we won’t even mention s3.


stargate sg1 + atlantis – all i can say is aliens. sg1 has some cool egyptian myth which is amazing because most people focus on greek or roman and forget the best one of all: egyptian.


vikings – lagertha is my queen. also, ragnar and athelstan love each other very much.


white collar – con artists. thieves. matt bomer. that is all.


upon finishing this list, i have decided it’s about time i rewatch some of these shows. damn i’ve missed them.

what are your favourite shows??


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  • Is it sad that the only one I’ve seen is Vikings?? I wish I had more time to really get into a series…

    • if you ever get time, i definitely recommend it. they’re amazing shows. and majority of them are over now/older shows so no one talks about them as much 🙁 how do you find vikings btw?

  • Nine is my favorite Doctor. Everyone loves Tennant and/or Matt Smith, but Chris Eccleston is so fantastic and underrated.

    • ten is my fav, but nine is a close second aye. i don’t understand how people just skip over him 🙁 he’s so much fun and just as valid as anyone else. i don’t like doctor who from series 5 onwards which is unfortunate.