Title: The Thousandth Floorthousandth-floor-cover

Author: Katharine McGee

Series Number: 1

Publication Date: September 1, 2016

Genres: Fantasy, YA

Where I received the book: I received a review copy of this book from Harper Collins.

Star rating:★★☆


A thousand-story tower stretching into the sky. A glittering vision of the future where anything is possible—if you want it enough.


A hundred years in the future, New York is a city of innovation and dreams. Everyone there wants something…and everyone has something to lose.

LEDA COLE’s flawless exterior belies a secret addiction—to a drug she never should have tried and a boy she never should have touched.

ERIS DODD-RADSON’s beautiful, carefree life falls to pieces when a heartbreaking betrayal tears her family apart.

RYLIN MYERS’s job on one of the highest floors sweeps her into a world—and a romance—she never imagined…but will this new life cost Rylin her old one?

WATT BAKRADI is a tech genius with a secret: he knows everything about everyone. But when he’s hired to spy for an upper-floor girl, he finds himself caught up in a complicated web of lies.

And living above everyone else on the thousandth floor is AVERY FULLER, the girl genetically designed to be perfect. The girl who seems to have it all—yet is tormented by the one thing she can never have.

Amid breathtaking advancement and high-tech luxury, five teenagers struggle to find their place at the top of the world. But when you’re this high up, there’s nowhere to go but down….



the actual rating i’ve given this book is 3.5 stars.

overall, i really enjoyed reading this book. i think it’s helped me get out of a slump, which is fantastic. but i did have some problems with it.

i see this mentioned in nearly every review but i feel the need to say it again: this is literally a futuristic version of gossip girl. i haven’t finished watching the show, but i did enjoy it as a guilty pleasure type thing. the general plot about rich new york kids is very similar to gossip girl. there’s also quite a few characters that i can name the tv show character that they were inspired by. if you like gossip girl, then you’ll love this book.

the book starts off with an unknown girl falling to her death. i thought this was a very good hook. unfortunately, the novel then goes “2 months earlier”. the first 50% of this book was so boring and slow paced as nothing interesting really happened. i quite liked watt’s chapters because he was doing things somewhat interesting (probably because they were illegal acts and added some tension to it all).

there is 5 main characters in this book, which was extremely confusing to begin with. at first, i couldn’t remember each characters back story or who looked like what (because it kept jumping around from character to character.) once i learned who was who, it became quite interesting following along the storylines and relationships. there were some that i didn’t like and others that i loved.

one thing i love about this book, and was totally unexpected to encounter, was a f/f relationship. i know there’s definitely one confirmed bi character (however there could be others that i missed). i really liked how this book got to explore sexuality so freely.

the last thing i want to point out is the use of ableist language. leda is often described as “crazy” and “insane”. there is nothing crazy about this girl, aside from her extreme jealousy of a guy she likes and her friends.


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