Title: Awaken

Author: G.R. Thomas

Series Number: 1

Publication Date: November 11, 2015

Genres: Urban Fantasy

Where I received the book: I received a copy of this book from the author to review.

Star rating:★★★

With a special gift held close to her heart, it was always going to be hard for Sophia Woodville to live an ordinary life.
As a 20 year old nursing grad, she thought she had her future all sorted.
However, destiny was about to intervene.
Her secret was not so secret. The gift she possessed was just a hint of something far beyond her wildest imagination.
Sophia will be pulled, kicking and screaming, into an unseen, ancient world that challenges all that she thought to be true of herself, her family and the origins of humanity.
Original sin, forbidden love and her life in constant danger.
Will Sophia survive this dark twist of fate?
Will the devil be her saviour?
Will an Angel be her downfall?


i don’t read a lot of indie books, and it’s not because i avoid it. i’d love to read more and support these authors. g r thomas is not just an indie author, but also an aussie. something that i decided at the beginning of the year to do was to read more aussie/kiwi authors. majority of authors are american and i want to support more local stuff.

anyway, to the actual review: i really enjoyed this book. i found it was a little slow to get into initially as it starts out a few thousand years ago. i understand that the scene we go through was important to the story, but i was really put off by it. once i got to the first chapter, and was introduced to sophia and her life, i felt a lot better about the sort of book it was.

honestly, the biblical aspects really threw me off. i’m not a fan of christian related stuff (idk why, i just find it boring. probably because it’s forced on kids in school etc). this book is in no way religious. i mean, it might be, but i don’t think so. if you’re like me, don’t worry. just keep reading.

towards the end of the book, things started to get a little confusing and i wasn’t sure what was happening or why. this could be because i had audio on and wasn’t reading along with it at the same time (which is entirely my own fault for not understanding).

i felt that the world building was really good, but some of the mythology should’ve been explained sooner. it really bothered me how sophia always had new information coming, rather than everyone telling her to begin with. the world building was lacking when it came to descriptions of the surroundings and the atmosphere of the places. they were in an underground city type thing at one point, but it didn’t feel like it. there wasn’t much interaction with the people in this place, or things that should make the reader feel what the character does. it honestly just felt like they were in an empty cave and occasionally bumped into a young girl.

along with the world building, there wasn’t much physical descriptions of the characters. i like to imagine the characters in my head, but they all have blue eyes and white hair, and it’s really difficult to separate them from another. also, why do they have these physical traits? it’s not really explained (and if it is, then i clearly missed something). do people of colour also have white hair and blue eyes? or are these people only white? what’s the significance of the hair? maybe it’s just me, but it’s something i’d like to know more about. **EDIT, the author has explained what i wanted to know, and that it is in the book (which i missed), and yes there are some poc**

sophia was an interesting character. (i love the idea of her rainbow hair) sophia is very much a mary sue – which is annoying but i understand why. i feel bad for her as so much of her world has changed, even the people closest to her have lied to her, but she just takes everything and doesn’t really question it. someone give sophia a week holiday in fiji or something. that girl has earned it.

jasmine was most definitely my favourite character in this book. she reminds me so much of a friend i have. i thought her friendship with sophia was really well written. (i love platonic relationships). i loved both nan and bren (but i didn’t like enl’iel that much :/ ). honestly, i hated ben from the beginning till the end.

this book was a good read, but a little long. i will definitely be reading the sequel, surrender, and i recommend you do too. (i’ve been trying to convince my sister to read it as i think she’d love this book).


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