Title: Rise of the Erifs

Author: Atlanta Bushnell

Series Number: 2

Publication Date: December 27, 2015

Genres: Fantasy

Where I received the book: I received a copy of this book from the author to review.

Star rating:★★☆☆

Summary: “What the hell is an Erif?!”
“A killing machine. If they catch us, they’ll kill us. That’s all you need to know.”
The Erifs are ruthless, powerful and unforgiving. They feed on rage and hatred.
And Prince Torin is all that stands in their way. He is young and impulsive. Determined to protect those he loves at any cost as their kingdom prepares for war with the Erifs – a fierce race of warriors – even if it means paying the ultimate price. But little does he know that those closest to him are hiding dark secrets.
And in a land where battle lines are drawn in blood and carved out with fire, secrets could end them all.


it’s sad to admit this, but i enjoyed this book way less than i’d expected to. it sounds like such a great book based off the summary. the first (and biggest) thing to irritate me was the writing style. almost the entire book is written as “*insert character* did this, *insert character* did that”, and it was just so stunted. i think with a little more editing, it could’ve become something more.

the plot itself was rather flat. at one point, there’s an invasion and nearly everyone dies. during a time like this, as a reader, i’d like to feel the suspense and even sadness of what’s just happened. but i didn’t. i didn’t feel anything. again, it’s the writing style that lacks the emotion to pull the reader in.

i didn’t particularly like the characters very much. there was a plot twist in the first i didn’t see coming because i didn’t like torin, who was being all suspicious of it. the only character i liked was aurora. i think with a little more development, i would’ve come to like daye more. she had a lot of potential and was really interesting.

i’m really interested in learning about alex and aurora’s history (re family), but that’s it. i feel like didn’t gain anything from this reading experience. i’ve seen other people’s reviews, and they’ve really enjoyed the rise of the erifs. i do recommend others to try it, despite my low rating.

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