Title: Dragons of Nova

Author: Elise Kova

Series Number: 2

Publication Date: July 11, 2017

Genres: Fantasy

Where I received the book: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Star rating:★★★☆

Summary: Cvareh returns home to his sky world of Nova with the genius crafter Arianna as his temperamental guest. The mercurial inventor possesses all the Xin family needs to turn the tides of a centuries-old power struggle, but the secrets she harbors must be earned with trust — hard to come by for Ari, especially when it comes to Dragons. On Nova, Ari finds herself closer to exacting vengeance against the traitor who killed everything — and everyone – she once loved. But before Ari can complete her campaign of revenge, the Crimson Court exposes her shadowed past and reveals something even more dangerous sparking between her and Cvareh.

While Nova is embroiled in blood sport and political games, the rebels on Loom prepare for an all-out assault on their Dragon oppressors. Florence unexpectedly finds herself at the forefront of change, as her unique blend of skills — and quick-shooting accuracy — makes her a force to be reckoned with. For the future of her world, she vows vengeance against the Dragons.

Before the rebellion can rise, though, the Guilds must fall.


surprisingly, i was a little disappointed by this book. i really enjoyed the alchemists of loom, the world building and character development was amazing. however, the dragons of nova lacked that. there was a lot of character/chapter changes which made it hard to connect with the characters and really get into the story. it was as if i was reading the book but i didn’t get into it. it’s really weird because i usually love all of elise kova’s works.

my biggest issue with the dragons of nova was definitely the chapter/pov changes. there were some characters that i couldn’t remember from the first book, some that i didn’t even like, and others where the storyline was just plain boring. i’m really not a fan of books with too many main characters. like, 2 or 3 is good, or stay first person so the reader doesn’t get confused.

i absolutely loved the friendship between florence and arianna during the alchemists of loom, however we don’t get any of that whatsoever in the dragons of nova. definitely a big disappointment. also, i didn’t connect with florence as much as i had in the first book. maybe it’s a reading slump, maybe it’s the book. who knows.

although i loved the alchemists of loom, i don’t think i’ll like the rest of this series if it’s going to be written like the dragons of nova was. it was a little too confusing and slow for my liking, but i’ve heard many good things about it. i wish i could’ve liked this book more as it was one of my most anticipated books.


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