Title: Mirror Mirror

Author:  Cara Delevingne, Rowan Coleman

Series Number: 1

Publication Date: October 3, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

Where I received the book: I received a copy of this book from Hachette NZ in exchange for a honest review.

Star rating:★★★☆

Summary: Friend. Lover. Victim. Traitor.
When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

Sixteen-year-old friends Red, Leo, Rose, and Naomi are misfits; still figuring out who they are and who they want to be. Life isn’t perfect, but music brings them together, and they are excited about what the future holds for their band, Mirror, Mirror. That is until Naomi vanishes before being pulled unconscious out of the river.

She’s left fighting for her life in a coma. The police claim it was a failed suicide attempt, but her friends aren’t convinced. Will Naomi ever wake up? What – or perhaps who – led her to that hospital bed? And how did Red, the self-styled protector of the group, fail to spot the warning signs?

While Rose turns to wild partying and Leo is shrouded by black moods, Red sets out to uncover the truth. It’s a journey that will cause Red’s world to crack, exposing the group’s darkest secrets. Nothing will ever be the same again, because once a mirror is shattered, it can’t be fixed.


i enjoyed mirror mirror more and less than i’d expected to. not sure how that happened, yet here we are.

mirror mirror felt like a rebranded version of john green. and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. in terms of originality, i felt a little cheated. i know some people really enjoyed the similarities to john green, so if you’re a fan then i recommend you pick up this book right away. if you’re not, then this may not be the book for you.

the first three quarters was really boring. nothing that important really happened. it felt irrelevant and like filler material to make a word count. it didn’t help that i wasn’t particularly fond of the characters. they felt like cookie cutter wattpad main characters (if you know what i mean by that).

i feel like this book was rushed to publication as there was a lot more editing that could’ve happened. the writing didn’t flow very well – which with more time could’ve been fixed. there’s a lot of room for improvement here, and i hope cara delevingne continues to work on it.

(anyway, enough with the negatives) i absolutely loved the last 15% of mirror mirror. things were intense, the mystery was unfolding. shit was happening! the bad guy wasn’t at all who i expected. this part was very well written and raised my rating exponentially.

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