Title: The Queen’s Rising

Author: Rebecca Ross

Series Number: 1

Publication Date: February 26, 2018

Genres: Young adult, Fantasy

Where I received the book: I received a copy of this book from Harper Collins NZ in exchange for a honest review.

Star rating:★★★★☆

Summary: When her seventeenth summer solstice arrives, Brienna desires only two things: to master her passion and to be chosen by a patron.

Growing up in the southern Kingdom of Valenia at the renowned Magnalia House should have prepared her for such a life. While some are born with an innate talent for one of the five passions—art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge—Brienna struggled to find hers until she belatedly chose to study knowledge. However, despite all her preparations, Brienna’s greatest fear comes true—the solstice does not go according to plan and she is left without a patron.

Months later, her life takes an unexpected turn when a disgraced lord offers her patronage. Suspicious of his intent, and with no other choices, she accepts. But there is much more to his story, and Brienna soon discovers that he has sought her out for his own vengeful gain. For there is a dangerous plot being planned to overthrow the king of Maevana—the archrival kingdom of Valenia—and restore the rightful queen, and her magic, to the northern throne. And others are involved—some closer to Brienna than she realizes.

With war brewing between the two lands, Brienna must choose whose side she will remain loyal to—passion or blood. Because a queen is destined to rise and lead the battle to reclaim the crown. The ultimate decision Brienna must determine is: Who will be that queen?


i didn’t like the queen’s rising to begin with. i found it rather slow and boring. i thought i’d have to dnf if as i just wasn’t feeling it. it took a bit but i finally got into it (about 1/4 to 1/3 in). the plot picked up, and i really enjoyed the characters. admittedly, it was a little slow but that was perfect for me was i wasn’t after anything fast paced at the time i started.

one thing i need to point out is the family tree. please, don’t read the family tree at the start of the book. the main reason for this is because brienna’s ancestry is supposed to be some kind of surprise to keep you reading. unfortunately, it’s given away in the family tree on the first page.

the politics was rather boring in the queen’s rising. i just didn’t feel it at all. it had nothing to do with my liking of the characters either. it just felt irrelevant and didn’t intrigue me.

on the other hand, i really loved the world building. the setting, the history, everything. this is definitely a world that interests me. i felt more hooked from the world building than the plot in the beginning.  i also really enjoyed the use of the passions. but it seems silly that they can only have one though. what if they were good at something and didn’t actually like it? or bad at something but loved it anyway? what if they were good at a couple things or none of the ones provided but amazing at something else? (does this even make sense?)

and the last thing i want to say to conclude this review: omg cartier. i want one.

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