About the Blogger


Hey there, Booknerds!

I’m Chelsea, a nineteen year old aspiring author from New Zealand! I currently work at a cafe/restaurant (in case you cared to know that about me). I love to read and write, and I though I normally tweet about books and tv shows, I thought it would be a rad idea if I started a book blog! I made a book instagram, which I love to bits, but a blog in which I talk about book rather than just taking photos of them?! Wow, who would’ve thought! I’ve written many things (on Wattpad and fanfiction.net) but I have never written a book review. So lets hope this thing goes somewhat well.

In case you cared, this blog was previously called Crown Of Books. I changed the name when I moved my blog and got a domain name.



All the books I read I have bought for myself, been gifted to my by friends and family, authors, publishers, or from a public library. I don’t receive compensation for my reviews. Any books I receive have been in a fair exchange for a honest review. I post my reviews on my blog (here), GoodReads, and Amazon.