WRAP UP | JUNE, 2016

this post is a little late, but that’s okay. i’ve never done a wrap up type post before, but i felt that since i read and have gotten quite a lot of books this month that it’d be a good way to keep up with everything. i’m enjoying the weekly www post, but i feel like a monthly one keeps everything neat and tidy, and it makes seeing a larger amount of info in one post. plus when uni starts again, i don’t think i’ll be able to post weekly updates. here’s a list of what i’ve read, books i’ve gotten, and what i’m currently watching!



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This is my first ever book haul post! Personally, I love book hauls. I love seeing the sorts of books people have bought – maybe there are books I haven’t heard of before. New books or old books, I love hauls. Anyway, I haven’t been very active lately because at the start of August I went to Europe to travel, and only just got back. Over the course of these two months, I have collected many books (fourteen, so not that many) that I wish to share. Five of these books are second hand, that I got from Chapters in Dublin. I have absolutely nothing against second hand books, I don’t understand why more people don’t buy them! There’s nothing wrong with them, and they’re cheaper. Yes, new books are “more beautiful”, but older/used books look more loved.

Anyway, here’s what I bought:

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